MGM Resorts plans to build mega casino in Atlanta

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An extraordinary project: this is the exact qualification that could be attributed to the vision of MGM Resorts which plans to build a mega casino in Atlanta.

This casino will compete with the biggest casinos in the world such as those in Macau or even those in Las Vegas. For the first time, this region of Georgia will host such a large-scale project.

It will be the first large casino to be built in the region if the project comes to fruition. Clark Dumont sees Atlanta as a still open and very exploitable market. This is an area conducive to the installation of a casino of a similar size, as it is one of the largest cities in the United States and it deserves a casino like those in Las Vegas. It should also be noted that this part is home to one of the largest airports in the world. Important events also take place there each year, including conventions.

Despite its size, the structures present on the premises are still insufficient, particularly in terms of offers, because today there are mostly only slot machines. It must be said that the largest establishment around Atlanta has only 14 slot machines, which is very few compared to the number of inhabitants and players. Game enthusiasts will therefore only be delighted that this project becomes a reality. However, the group will have to start by regularizing the project. And MGM Resorts plans to invest $ 1 billion for this mega casino in Atlanta !

The announcement of this project is made yet there are still many obstacles to overcome for the firm. One of the most important is the very creation of a law that will give MGM Resorts the necessary authorization to begin construction. To achieve its ends, the group did not stand idly by. He has also engaged in lobbying and 5 lobbyists have already been engaged in order to start the work. A legal text has already been put in motion so that the operator can already officially concretize this project of a mega casino.

Another point gained for MGM is the support it now has from the great politician Ron Stephens who has ensured that the project is viable and that it will surprise more than one. He speaks among other things of a casino that will reflect elegance and that will be imposing. He also says that everything can be gained in this project. This is indeed an undeniable truth, because this casino will be able to generate some 3,500 jobs in addition to bringing in millions of dollars to the region. The elements present thus demonstrate that nothing should stand in the way of this project of a mega casino in Atlanta, however it will be necessary to wait. For the moment the group is in the process of starting the construction of a casino in Massachusetts which amounts to 800 million dollars.

Will casinos have to adapt to computerization?

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The current economic situation of French land-based casinos is not the most favorable. Gambling establishments in France are still experiencing declining activity. Competition from online games, the crisis, identity checks as well as the smoking ban are the main reasons that are undermining growth. To attract new customers in order to improve turnover, brick and mortar casinos are increasingly turning to computerized machines. It should be noted that these new facilities meet the expectations of players in search of novelty. They also attract new customers allowing casinos to cope as well as to do little to a gloomy economic situation.

Casinos are modernizing

Traditional slot machines are gradually being replaced by computerized one-armed bandits. Land-based casinos are renewing their stock of slot machines in order to meet the expectations of players. Marc Zenou, CEO of the Partouche casino located on rue Saint-Jean in Le Touquet, has also said that efforts are currently being made to switch from electromechanics to the computer. The casino’s slot machines are currently 70% computerized. The Partouche de Berck gaming establishment is also innovating to attract new customers, but also to compete with the Fort-Mahon casino, as Sandrine Baudrin, general manager, underlined. The gaming complex has replaced its poker table with a computerized device.

Land-based casinos are also adapting to computerization in order to slow down the decline in income caused by identity checks (applied in 2007), the smoking ban (in 2008) and the crisis immediately after which greatly reduced the purchasing power of players. In recent years, declining turnover has prompted establishments to invest in more modern facilities to attract customers. These computerized machines allow minimal bets of a euro cent and the use of a magnetic card.

Not only are land-based casinos investing in digital, but they are also making improvements to better serve customers. The Barrière du Touquet casino, for example, has allocated a budget for 150 computerized machines. Three of them “the Bejeweled” are unpublished in France. What is more, the establishment has transformed the Brasserie le Wish into a Café Barrière with four giant screens for the live transcription of matches. The catering activity also enabled the establishment to rake in 11 million euros in 2014. The restaurant in fact welcomed around 160,000 visitors during the last financial year. In addition, it has served no less than 130,000 place settings from November to today.

Traditional one-armed bandits remain attractive, however. A certain category of clientele is attached to it. That’s why Beck’s casino offers three slot machines that work with 20-cent coins. They are there to satisfy the curiosity of tourists and the expectations of fans of traditional slot machines.